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Got mentioned on Twitter by foodblog Groentje Gezond about the Nom Nom Nom Tag. This tag was set up by feelgood-blog Team Confetti. Every blogger is posting about some sort of tag these days. Don’t know how many of them I already read, but the topics vary from food, fashion to lifestyle. Like you know I regularly post about food too, so this tag seemed suitable for my own blog. Here we go!

What do you like what everybody else despises (and the other way around) when it comes to food?

I like to eat roasted sandwiches with butter and no filling. Most of the people around me are asking why I’m not having any sandwich-filling, but I just like it without. The same with chocolate sprinkles. My recipe: sandwich + butter + chocolate sprinkles crushed into the butter = yummie! Oh, and I like to eat peanut butter with cheese, and mozzerella (not as a food topping).

Everybody seems to like M&M’s, but I seriously think they are disgusting! The same goes for cashew nuts and those nuts you get when you’re in a bar. Also on my no go list: beer, red wine and red beets. The smell of red beets makes me wanna puke, despite the fact it’s so healthy.


What do you often cook?

I make a lot of salads with cucumber, tomatoes, sellery, carrot and mozzerella or fêta. What I often eat too is pastas (salmon, bolognese or napolitana), kale with sausages (typically Dutch winter meal) and all kinds of soup (chicken soup, vegetable soup, tomato soup).

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Hmm, I like to visit little local restaurants when I’m on holiday or just travelling. There’s not any particular restaurant I like the most. But I visit Bagels & Beans regularly when I’m having lunch. Their healthy oatmeal or multiple grain bagels with carpaccio, pesto, dryed tomatoes and pine nuts are delicious. Not to mention the cappuccino’s they’re serving!

If you were able to invent a sandwich, what would it be called and what would be on it?

Okay, the sandwich would totally have the name: Sandwich in Wonderland (: The ingrediënts would be: multiple grain ciabatta served with Italian prosciutto shaped as eatable pure gold, mozzerella disguised as pearls, sun-dryed tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto serving to top it off. Totally not imaginairy.

Share a useful cooking tip:

Maybe it is too simple, but it is effective and every professional chef works this way: clean your worktop immediately after you finished working with an ingredient. Working on a clean and neat kitchen unit keeps you thinking straight and clear. Plus there’s no risk on contamination.

What’s on your food backing bucket list?

Crème brulée, tarte tartin and coquilles (dream on girl!)


What would you rather do: cooking your own meals, ordering food or having dinner?

Well, if I had the money I would be having dinner every night. But unfortunately I don’t have that amount of money, so I’m sticking with cooking my own meals. Ordered food often contains a lot of processed ingredients, sugars and fetts. I like to eat as healthy as possible, so I use fresh ingredients, biologically raised.

Are you allergic?

I have sensitive intestines, which react strongly on starches. So I try not to eat brown beans and leguminous vegetables. My bowels don’t like milk either or too spicy products.

What’s your food obsession right now?

Wheatgrass. It’s not that I like drinking it every morning, but it definitely works when it comes to my bowel movement. Besides that cinnamon, cookie- and speculoos specimen, kokos, rye bread, Greek yoghurt and muesli. And for drinks? Espresso macchiato.


What’s your favourite desert?

Crème brulée, apple pie, carrot cake, Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough and chocolate cake. Goodness.

Of course a tag wouldn’t be a tag if I didn’t tag other bloggers:

Chivalrous Cooking – Nate cooks, Jenn eats. Great tagline! Just discovered this blog with yummie soufflé deserts for instance. There’s a lot more to discover!

Cloud Thyme – I wish I had discovered this great foodblog earlier. Beautiful bright colored pictures, healthy food and unique recipes.

Stella in the Sun – Blog about fashion, food, beauty and other lifestyle items. Bit like mine actually (: Check her Oreo cheesecake out.


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