Work-Out: Get Bootylicious


Already the second work-out in my ‘Get Ready For Summer’-series. I promised you to make a work-out video, but due to some technical problems I will post pictures this time. Next week I’ll probably have my new camera (Nikon D5000!!!) installed and figured out, so I can make beautiful HD recordings with it. By that time I’m going to do this work-out on video, plus a new one. image


How to: Place your feet a little apart from eachother, make sure you stand up straight. The next position is you bending your knees, keep your back straight and your bum is now sticking out behind you. For more effect bend your knees even deeper, in an angle of 90 degrees for example. Always make sure to keep your back straight. What does this exercise do? If your doing this one the right way you have to feel it in your hamstrings, upper legs, booty and thighs.



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