List Of My Favourite Bloggers


I would like to share my favourite bloggers with you guys. These bloggers inspire me the most, so I do visit their websites on a regular base. Most of them are bloggers that are already known by many (at least that’s what I believe) and have large follower backings. That doesn’t mean I don’t get inspired by blogs with less followers or blogs that just started (like mine). I hope these list gives you an insight in the people and pictures that inspire me, and have inspired me to start my own blog.

Yes, this domain name is really spelled with space between the letters. Fashionblogger Silvia Garcia started here blog already in 2009, so she’s a pro for sure. What I love about this beautiful Spanish blogger girl is that she looks approachable on her pictures. By that I mean that the pictures are not over-edited. Some bloggers look so perfect, you can’t imagine she could be your friend, like ever. Silvia actually looks bubbly, sweet and thereby here clothes are totally wearable on a daily basis (work, school, date).


Swedish blogger and model/designer at the same time. Her pictures are beautiful, she plays a lot with the lighting. Most of her pictures are, like the above, dark on the edges and lit in the center. I totally love her sassy streetstyle-inspired outfits. She plays with her femininity, but never takes it too far. Best of all, she’s not another blogger with a focus on minimalism. Her outfits are colorful, playful and diverse.


Ok, Ok, I have to add one minimalistic blogger to this list. I’m not really a fan of this whole minimalistic approach. Maybe that has something to do with my preferables. I like color, funny edgy details, and bloggers that dare to be different. Most of the time these kind of bloggers were black, white or grey. Their wardrobe exists of basics and key pieces like the coat, the white blouse, the white t-shirt, the pantalon, and so on. AfterDRK is a bit the way I just described, but with a tiny difference. Dutch Sabrina Meijer likes it a bit tomboy. She wears oversized sweaters, oversized gentlemen blouses and sandals. But she rocks.


She won the Company ‘Best Personal Style Newcomer’ Award last year, this UK based style and beauty blogger. Victoria photographs here outfit posts most of the time in her own bedroom, which I totally love. She’s such a stunning beauty, and still really down-to-earth taking pics within her own space. She also produces video reviews and tutorials. Her voice sounds calm and professional (but still engaging) and she knows what she’s talking about. Nice detail: her hair switches from pink to purple!


Dutch blogger Noor was one of the first I followed on She appeared on the popular feed and I instantly was intrigued by her appearance. Beautiful pictures shot from all over the world. She’s able to visit all those beautiful places with help from her boyfriend who is a DJ. She has a special travel sections on her website, with an extensive amount of places she went. So her pics are always shot with a different background.


Yara Michels, business babe and known in the Netherlands by her former website This Chick’s Got Style. She just launched her new website and lifestyle platform Chapter Friday. I think this site has everything your looking for: topics on fashion, career, living, shopping and Yara’s Corner. All topics who matter in life. Her site is more than outfits and beauty, it’s about how to make the best out of life and your professional career.


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