Hair Tutorial: How To Get Sexy Beach Hair

ImageThe 3rd post already in my mini-serie ‘Get Ready For Summer With W in Wonderland’. Today it’s the perfect occassion to spend some time on yourself. I thought of this cute little hair tutorial for this mini-serie after spending some time thinking what to do with short hair. Maybe short hair gives you less opportunities for different hairstyles, but this tutorial proves you wrong. Shorties can have curly hair, braids and beachy waves. I hope you all, short, inbetweeners and long, get inspired by it. I outlined the tutorial step by step, so in just 10 minutes your sexy beach hair is ready to shine.

Step 1

In my case, in order to get curls I tie my hair up in a bun after a shower and go to bed with it. This way at least the upper half of my hair will be full of curls after a night sleep. For the ones who already have curls: you’re lucky 😉 For the ones with long hair, you can follow the same routine as mine. Maybe it’s a good idea to make a few buns, so your hair is divided in different sections.ImageStep 2

Sprinkle your out-of-bed curls with some water, so they are moist. I used Andrélon Verassend Volume Beach Effect Spray to spray my hair with a volume booster. Of course you can use any volumizer or beach effect spray to make you hair get messy and beachy. Make sure you model your coupe by slightly combing your fingers thru your hair. ImageStep 3

Now your hair’s pretty moist, the time has come to blow dry it. Any blow-dryer will do. Dry your hairdo from beneath and your head upside down. Whilst doing that, comb you hair with your fingers. If you use a brush or comb the curls will get frizzy.ImageStep 4

Make different shapes and sizes of braids at the front and top of your hair. Play a little with it, different shapes and messy ones make your coupe even more beachy and fun to watch. Spray before you braid some gel spray of hair spray on the hair-strings. This way the braids will last longer. After you finished your hairdo, some fixating spray will hold everything together. For the braids I used L’Oréal Studio MineralFX Invisi’Gel Spray. ImageStep 5

Tadaaa! Your easy-to-go sexy beach hair. Style and model your hairdo the way you want. I put some braids behind my ears and some on top of my head together with some selfmade dreadlocks and strings. If you are at the beach and reading this right now, you can make this do real easy: jump into the water, make some braids and dry your hair in the sun. Easy does it!Image


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