Work-Out VIDEO: Get Ready For Summer With W In Wonderland

First ever video on W in Wonderland! The video shows you how to do this exercise. The pictures below show you how to execute this work-out step by step. How many times do I have to repeat this work-out? Basically 3 times 10 repeats. So 10 times from left to right, that’s 1 repeat. 1 Minute pause. After the pause another 2 x 10. Good luck!


Make sure you execute the exercise the right way. We don’t want you to get sport injuries because of it. Most important thing is you warm-up before this work-out. Stretch your legs, your arms, do some jumping jacks, lunges or run for a few minutes. These way your muscles are ready for the work-out. It’s also a good idea to do these exercises after you went to the gym or did your running routine.

Place your left leg in front of you and bend your knee in 90 degrees. Do the same thing with your right leg, but behind you. Make sure you stand up straight.


Step 2

When in the start position (see step 1), place both your arms above you head. You don’t have to stretch them all the way. Use a stick to place in your hands, this tool will help you keep balanced. The picture below shows how to make this work-out a bit harder (for the gym pro’s amongst us). Use two bottles and fill them with water.


Step 3

After step 1 and 2 you rotate your upper half to the left, back to the front and after that to the right. Make sure you keep your hips and pelvis unmoved and pointed towards the front. The only movement you have to make is your torso turning left and right.


I’m sorry the size of the YouTube video did turn out like this, this miniature.. Wasn’t what I expected it to be. But at least there’s something to improve on for the next work-out video. Hope you like it!


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