Sugarchallenge Finish #Day30


I’m finally at the end of my sugarchallenge. Am I happy it came to an end? Well, it wasn’t that bad at all. I learned a lot during my ‘sugarfree’ journey. Reading books and health magazines made me see that giving in to the sugar doesn’t mean I’m weak. Being addicted to sugar actually isn’t something I’m making up, it’s real. My body just lingers for sugar, it needs its fix. I constantly fight against my mind twirling around, back and forth between giving in and holding back.

Like you have read it wasn’t easy at all. When at a party I had troubles to leave the drinks, or fries and icecream after a night out. Not to mention the chocolate coated Easter eggs. Oh boy, not a day (almost) went by I didn’t eat one or two of them. I enjoyed the taste of it, but it didn’t make me feel better. I felt like I was cheating on my challenge.

There were good moments too. I resisted more than once pie on a birthday. I drank less soda’s and juices, skipped on crisps and got used to eating no bread for breakfast. I found my favourite breakfast recipe ever: low fat yoghurt, raw cocos nibs, cinnamon, cookie and speculoos spices and orange/kiwi. This morningroutine makes me feel more energetic during the day, keeps that annoying hungry-feeling away for more than two hours and is a lot healthier that bread with halvarine and peanut butter or chocolate sprinkles.


It was refreshing to try something else. Something new, something I never did before. I really thought it was easier to do, though. I didn’t think I had such troubles to keep my sticky fingers out of the candy and cookie jar. To be honest, this wasn’t really a sugarchallenge, because I cheated and didn’t keep my end of the bargain. Which actually was not eating sugar and stick to that intention. I’m going to do this challenge again and when I do, I’ll do it the right and fair way.

What it brought me? Insight in my lifestyle, in my eating pattern and my bad habits. But also in how to eat healthy, take care of my body and how sugar works on body and mind. It was a lot harder than I had ever imagined it would be, but if I’m doing this challenge again I will persevere and hold on tight.


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