5 Items You Don’t Want In Your Closet


  • Most Horrible Trend 1: Uggs

When you live in Antarctica or Alaska I get the point of wrapping yourself in as much as possible, mainly in the skins of animals. The boots they’re wearing suspiciously look a lot like Uggs. Can’t have your toes freezing to death. But why are we stuffing our feet into these bulky ham-fisted boots? Don’t get me wrong, I once fall for it too. I’m guilty of a pair of Diesel Uggs. I admit, they kept me pretty warm and cosy when below zero. So you know, I’m 5’4 tall (or should I say short?), me wandering around in Uggs looks like a little teddybear gone to Alaska. It’s really not very feminine, sexy or figure hugging. Find me one person that actually looks sexy in it. I’ll keep quiet by then.


  • Most Horrible Trend 2: Crocs

Oh boy, do I need to say more? Why tell me why? I once asked someone with Crocs why she was wearing them, and she answered: because they are practical and comfortable. When women start to wear everything comfortable and practical we would snooping the streets in comfy home suits, Uggs, pj’s, flipflops and so on. My mom always said: If you want to be pretty, you need to pay a price (no gain without pain). Do Louboutins and Manolo’s look comfy? Hell no! But they look damn sexy though. Leave the Crocs for the ducks girls.


  • Most Horrible Trend 3: Harem Pants

In Dutch we call these pants turd catchers. Cause if you produce a turd the pants will easily find the solution for your problem. The harem pants make women look like homies wearing them pants down their asses, you know to get that ‘I’m dope bro’ -feeling. I once tried one on, and unfortunately I fell for it. The result? The pants ripped apart all the way from my butt to my crotch the first time I wore it. These pants aren’t made to throw your arms around someone’s neck when you are happy to see someone.


  • Most Horrible Trend 4: Sailor Hats

Popeye the sailor man, Popeye the sailor man! Sailor hats are originally worn by sailormen, the marine corps, but at one point we started doing that too. In my opinion it doesn’t have any purpose to wear it. Celebs aren’t wearing it to hide their faces after a rough night out, neither to protect faces from the sun. Of course an accessorie doesn’t always have to have a purpose, but these hats aren’t even flattering. Too big, too boxy, too unnecessary.


  • Most Horrible Trend 5: Scrunchies

I know they are in fashion right now, but they just look like you’re twelve years old again. This fluffy bold colored hair band suddenly came into the picture again after Marc Jacobs and Missoni bombed it. The 90’s phenomenon is back, o goodness behold.

Pictures: Google.com


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