Are You A Fashion Follower Or Trendsetter?


Do you consider yourself a fashion follower or a trendsetter? Are you on top of the trends? The ones that are truly admirable are the ones that dare to be unique, don’t follow all of the trends blindly and don’t even want to wear a Kenzo Tiger-sweater cause everybody else already does.

More and more we see bloggers, fashionista’s, fashion victims and so on with the same shoes, the same totes, the same clutches, same dresses, same everything! In my opinion the multilaterality of fashion fades with every girl that purchases an item because she saw everyone else wear it (celebs, bloggers, etc.) Does it show how fashionable you are when you know what happens in the fashionscene and you wear what Olivia, Chiara, Chriselle, and everyone else’s wearing?


The ones that stand out for me are (just to mention some): Miley Cyrusย (singer and agitator), Audrey Kitching (designer and style editor at Buzznet), Kyle Anderson (accessories director at Marie Claire), Anna Dello Russoย (editor at large and creative consultant at Vogue Japan), Julia Sarr-Jamois (fashion editor at large i-D) and Idil Tabanca (editor-in-chief Bullett Magazine). Influential people in the fashionscene but with their own quirky, sassy, extraordinaire, weird styles. Anna Dello Russo with her large hat with cherry’s on top, Audrey Kitching with yellow and pink hair and Miley Cyrus with her barely there clothing and overdone golden Chanel jewellery.


Even though I love Olivia Palermo’sย (socialite and model) style, there are so many other beautiful women with the exact same clothes and style. I hope I stand out of the crowd. For example I like New Balance Sneakers and Nike Roshe Run on others, but not on me. Why? Because my interest fades away as soon as it becomes a massive hype and all of the girls buy them. What do you think of this topic? Would love to hear from other bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Are You A Fashion Follower Or Trendsetter?

  1. I think it’s fine to follow fashion. However, I think it’s really embarrassing when people follow it so closely. It’s kind of like admitting that you have no personality or style. If I knew someone else had an item of clothing, it would put me off buying it, not encourage me! Personally, I admire people with a strong sense of personal style: They are the most interesting to look at.
    And as for me, I wouldn’t consider myself a trendsetter or a follower. I tend to shop in the sales, so I get a lot of clothes that are in fashion or fading out. I don’t think I stand out with what I wear. I have noticed that I start wearing some items and looks before they become popular, but I definitely don’t have enough influence to be the one who sets the trend. I think other people, who are inspired by the same things as me, come to like the same items of clothing as me, and they influence the masses.


    • Really great substantive comment! I think you are right about the fact that personal style is the most admirable one. In sale you can combine unique clothes too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t forget that personality comes from within, that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. Xx


  2. It’s completely true. I hate when I have the same item as some of the kids at school, and I’m getting real tired of seeing all the bloggers at my country, doing the same minimalistic style, buying the same overhyped things (such as the Kenzo sweater, but also a decor items like the HAY hand) and writing about the exact same thing over and over again!
    I really try to be unique and stand out from the other girls in my class who all dig the same style and trends. Not sure if it’s accomplished yet, but it sure will!


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