Some Announcements


UPDATE (13/04) Almost been blogging for two months now, and received my fourth Liebster Award already. Thanks to Maartje from for my 4th nomination.

UPDATE A month ago I started blogging and in the meanwhile I received three Liebster nominations. Very sweet. Thanks Allison from for the third one and Amy from for the second nomination. You can read the article about it here:

Maybe you’ve already discovered the changes on my blog. First, the lay-out of my site has changed. I like it this way. It’s more mature, I have a sidebar now (on the right sight) which gives a clear overview on what’s to discover and the site is also more well-ordered. Second, I added two new pages to my blog, namely W in the Media and Outfits in Wonderland. And third, a week ago I posted a Give-Away. If you wanna win these three great beauty products from Eveline Cosmetics, Trind and Lookx, than follow me and my blog and give the page a like. Easy does it right? Have a nice evening!

DUTCH – Misschien heb je de veranderingen op mijn blog al gemerkt. Ten eerste, de lay-out van mijn site is veranderd. Ik vind het thema echt leuk zo, meer volwassen. Ik heb een zijlijn nu aan de rechterkant, deze zijlijn geeft een duidelijker overzicht met wat er allemaal te vinden is op de website. Daarnaast is de blog overzichtelijker. Ten tweede, ik heb twee nieuwe pagina’s toegevoegd, namelijk W in the Media en Outfits in Wonderland. Ten derde, een week geleden heb ik een Give-Away gepost. Als je deze drie geweldige beautyproducten wilt winnen van Eveline Cosmetics, Trind en Lookx, volg mij en mijn blog dan en like de Give-Away pagina. Gemakkelijk toch? Fijne avond nog!



3 thoughts on “Some Announcements

  1. Hey, I really like these photos! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s just a fun little award aimed at getting to know and sharing support for other bloggers. I’ve written a post on my blog and given you a mention. Thanks for your time, hope you have a great day! πŸ™‚


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